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measuring jug worksheet

Digital Measuring Jug and Scales 1 Gill Measuring Jug

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measuring jug worksheet

  • Primary: KS2 Maths: Measuring: Capacity.

  • Worksheet: Measuring Jug. Year 4 maths:.
    SThe Water Cycle - Worksheetaving Water 1a
    Measuring Jug. Year 4 maths: capacity worksheet

    measuring jug worksheet

    Oil Measurement Jugs

    Third Grade Measurement Worksheets <<.

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    Worksheet Measures - capacity. 2 activities involving estimating and measuring capacity of various containers. How accurate are your estimations?

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    Primary Maths: Length Resources These activities for 7, 8, 9 and 10 year olds cover various aspects of length and distance including, measuring, estimating, reading

    Length Worksheets - Length Games - Length.
    Measuring Lengths: Use a ruler to measure the lengths of the lines and write the answers. Every worksheet you make will have random line lengths to 0.1cm so your
    Click on the 'change' button and watch the numbers change. Click on the 'print' button to print a pupil worksheet and an answer sheet. Oil Ratio Measuring Jug .