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Dark purple black lesion in throat tonsil

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Tonsil Stones - How to End Tonsilloliths for Good. Tonsil stones are disgusting chunks that form in your tonsillar crypts. This article explains how to get rid of

Ear Nose and Throat
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About. Do you have bad breath? Have you ever coughed up a small, whitish, hard chunk of something that looked like popcorn and smelled so foul that you wonder how
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Bad breath? It could all be due to a.
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    CPA tumor (acoustic neuroma, meningioma, epidermoid), CPA inflammation (sarcoidosis, basilar meningitis), vertebrobasilar dolichoectasia, AVM, aneurysm
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    Dark purple black lesion in throat tonsil

    08.02.2008  When evaluating skin lesions on the ear, specific anatomical peculiarities should be considered. The outer ear consists of the skin bearing external ear
    Cutaneous lesions of the external ear. .